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Transport Facility

The school owns a fleet of new air – conditioned buses and coasters. The facility is made available on acceptance of written requests from the students.

Campus Life

At PISQ, a vast range of cultural, educational, sports and social activities are available, and the combination of these

Pakistan International School Qatar was founded in 1984. to meet the education needs of the Pakistani community. It has grown into a celebrated institution of great repute and provides all educational facilities to all Pakistanis living in Qatar. It also welcomes students of other nationalities to benefit from the wide range of opportunities offered by the school.


Our Mission

To transform the youth into wellinformed, confident, aspiring individuals who are cognizant of socio-cultural values of Qatar and Pakistan by providing them a conducive learning environment, using effective pedagogic instructional strategies that hone their creativity and gradually help them use their imagination in order to comprehend, analyse, and apply what they learn to become a valuable and responsible citizen


Our Vision

Enabling students achieve academic excellence at par with the demands of modern academia and corporate sector through knowledge, active imagination, empathy, cultural awareness, and positive character building

Another feather in the

Cap of excellence for PISQ.

Huda Nasir

Top in Qatar in Global Perspectives,
June 2022,

Muhemmed Rafay

Top in Qatar in English as a Second Language,
June 2023,

Khadija Mansoor

Top in Qatar in Urdu as a Second Language,
June 2023,


What Parents Say’s About Our School


"My child has thrived at this school. The teachers are caring and dedicated, and the curriculum is challenging and engaging. I am so happy with the progress my child has made, both academically and socially."


"I am so impressed with the leadership of this school. The principal is always visible and approachable, and the teachers are always working to improve the school. I feel like my child is in good hands."


"This school has a strong focus on academics, but also offers a variety of extracurricular activities. My child is able to pursue their interests and develop new skills."


"I am so grateful for the diversity of this school. My child is exposed to different cultures and perspectives, which is making them a more well-rounded individual."


"I highly recommend this school. The teachers are fantastic. The class instruction is organized and the instruction plan is truly inspirational. The school provides a safe, loving and secure environment. Our children absolutely love attending this school. "


"I love this school! My son is loved and nurtured as well as academically enriched. This is his Third year and he loves going to school! I’ve recommended this school to friends and continue to be very happy to have my son attend school here."


"We are very pleased with the education our sons received at Pakistan international School Qatar. PISQ provides a positive and loving environment for learning. PISQ gave our sons the foundation blocks they needed to excel in higher education. This is thus far, the best investment we have ever made. "