Mrs. Reema Rashid holds Masters’ degree in Zoology from the University of the Punjab, Lahore. Having done her post- graduation, she joined Pakistan Education Centre Doha, Qatar in 2007. Prior to her present position, she taught science in junior wing and biology & general science in Girls Wing. She displayed her knack of teaching science subjects up to the secondary level and received the Best Teacher Award for the academic year 2013.  Apart from her teaching assignments, she took an active part in the overall grooming of her students. She remained the Housemistress of Khaula House for two years. She was also the In charge of the Art Club during the session 2013-2014. She made headway towards her present position owing to her pronounced commitment, devotion and consecration to her calling.

Mrs. Reema Rashid was appointed Coordinator Art and Culture Department in January 2014. The Art and Culture Department aims at nurturing the creative abilities of the students by providing them with a chance to challenge themselves and unlock their potentials. The department instills higher values of audacity, self-reliance and confidence into the students. The ACD also prepares the students for different programmes which showcase the culture of Pakistan and Qatar. Being the Coordinator ACD, Mrs. Rashid liaises with the three wings of PEC and expedites the endeavours and competitive spirit of the students. She also works as a focal person for the coverage of the students’ activities in the media.

Mrs. Reema Rashid is fully aware of the significance of the co-curricular activities in the student’s life. She believes that these activities are specifically excellent as they present possibilities to the students to work in collaboration, exercise leadership, and enhance the ability to take initiatives. They also supply wonderful opportunities to youngsters to determine their potentials and hone their creative abilities. To accomplish these motives, she ensures their active participation in various Inter- School Competitions. She is very confident that the ACD would play a key role to deliver possibilities to youngsters for self-expression and self-fulfillment.