Examination System in PISQ

1. Types of Tests and Examinations:-

  • Monthly Assessment from Pre-KG to KGII.
  • Monthly tests class I to XII.
  • First Term Exam from Grade I to Class VIII
  • Annual Exam from Grade I to Class VIII
  • Pre Board Exam from Class IX to XII as send up exam.

2. Examination Conducted:-

  • All oral tests and practicals are conducted before exams on the dates mentioned in the date sheet.
  • Papers are taken in the last 3 hours. Before starting the paper, students are given time for revision. Monthly test is taken in zero period consisting of 45 minutes.
  • Fee defaulters are not allowed to sit in any type of exam or test.

3. Announcement of Result:-

  • Usually result cards are handed over to the parents in parent teacher meeting in which they also discuss about the performance of their children and room for their children’s improvement with the teachers. Result is not given to the fee defaulters.

4. Promotion Criteria:

1. Promotion is decided on final average and cumulative result of the student.

According to new promotion policy:

  • Students passed in all subjects with at least 35% marks in each subject will be promoted.
  • Student failed in 1 subject securing at least 25% marks, will be promoted.
  • Repeating the same class more than two times is not allowed.

2. According to the rules of Ministry of Education and Higher Education, double promotion is not allowed.

3. Same criteria are used in Pre Board Exams to send the admission forms of the students for Federal Board Exams.

5. Annual Day:

  • Certificates are prepared for grade wise and wing wise position holder students.

6. Update students’ record on SEC website:-

Result is up loaded and students’ record is up dated individually according to his/her status after the Annual Exam on the on line system of Ministry of Education and Higher Education of Qatar.

School Curriculum

Our entire curriculum is based on activities which are a part of our daily classes. Learning through activity is essential to build general knowledge. A child is encouraged to develop his own initiative and creativity through his independent work which helps to augment his academic level as well. From grade 1 onwards, computer studies are introduced through which we aim at developing the skills of the students up to a level where they are confident and independent computer users.

KG Wing:

  1. The KG wings comprise Pre-KG, KGI & KG II. The students are given extra attention at this crucial stage to improve their power of comprehension and observation and to mold them into intelligent and diligent students.
  2. The KG wings have a set- up of continuous assessment. The school offers a very conducive environment for learning and teaching. The Pre KG classes are looked after by eminent professional to fellow play and learned method imparting instruction.
  3. Sports, Art and Crafts and Activities are the regular part of the KG wing’s curriculum.

Primary Wing

The Junior wings include classes I  to VI. The students here are education and trained with particular emphases on co- curricular activities and inter Class competition with a view to enhances self – confidence and creativity among them.

 Subjects taught from Class 1 to Class IV

  1. Al – Quran ( Nazra – Hifz )
  2. English ( Recitation – Reading – Dictation – Conversation )
  3. Mathematics
  4. Science
  5. Social Studies
  6. Computer Studies ( Theory – Practical) ( class I to 4)
  7. Arabic / Islamiat
  8. Urdu (Recitation – Reading – Dictation – Conversation )
  9. Art and Craft


The senior wings include classes V to XII. The students here are education and trained with particular emphases on co- curricular activities and inter Class competition with a view to enhances self – confidence and creativity among them.

Subjects taught from Class V to Class VII

  1. Al –Quran / Islamiat
  2. English
  3. Urdu
  4. Mathematics
  5. General Science
  6. Computer Science
  7. Social Studies
  8. Drawing
  9. Arabic
  10. Economics

PISQ is permanently affiliated with Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary education Islamabad at SCC and HSSC level s and follows the prescribed syllabus of the board.